Our fleet for your transport

Professionals and Vehicles at your service

30 vehicles on the road always ready to leave, both for Italy and abroad.

The fleet comprises vehicles with a maximum capacity of 44 metric tonnes and 3-axis tanker trucks with a capacity of 26 metric tonnes.
30% of the vehicles have the equipment and authorisations required for transporting goods in compliance with ADR.

Particularly sensitive to environmental issues, over the years our company has adopted a continuous vehicle fleet renewal process.
Through substantial investments, our company can now boast only vehicles with at least euro 3 pollution class, with an over 50% of the fleet now in euro 5 class or higher.

Stainless steel tanks for liquid food products

All the tanks are insulated to guarantee products are transported at a constant temperature (they have a maximum total capacity that varies from 31,000 to 33,000 litres); they are all split into various compartments from a minimum of three to a maximum of six, which vary from the smallest at 2,600 litres to the largest at 17,000 litres. They are all equipped with various types of fittings for unloading (the most common being the garolla fitting and the screw fitting with DIN pitch).

The tanks with authorisation for ATP transport and for transporting beer and sparkling wine are equipped with washing systems and drawers for hermetically sealing the drain valve, so as to guarantee greater protection against tampering and to keep the drain point as clean as possible.

Tanks for beer and sparkling wine (isobaric)

These tanks are also insulated, have a capacity of 31,000 litres to 32,000 litres and are split into four or five compartments of 3,000 to 10,000 litres.

The tanks are equipped with washing systems so as to guarantee maximum cleanliness inside and have various types of fittings for draining.

The special feature of these vehicles is their ability to maintain constant pressurisation up to 2.5 bar both with nitrogen for wines and with carbon dioxide for beer. By cooling the product to the right temperatures sparkling wine can also be transported, which is normally kept at a pressure of 5 bar.

Curtainsider trucks or with tailgates

Since 1996, as well as transporting liquid food products we have also been transporting goods with curtainsider trucks. Our fleet also includes seven semi-trailers 13.6 m long with curtainsides or 80 cm tailgates, all of which can have their sides raised or lowered to facilitate lateral loading.

To make the vehicles even more versatile we have equipped them with sides that can be completely removed, to allow loading from above too. On the same vehicles we have also provided specific hollows for transporting coils; since they are all modern we can obviously exploit the maximum permitted width of 2.55 m.

Every vehicle is equipped with the most up-to-date anchoring systems to guarantee the safety of the transported load and to protect anyone travelling with us on the same roads.