Our services

We are a company of vehicle transport professionals; our team is highly specialist and our vehicles are subject to periodic check-ups to guarantee maximum professionalism in the delivery of your goods.

Internal tank washing

At our dock we can wash tanks that have not loaded products that are particularly difficult to clear.

Sterilisation and EFTCO certification

We work with specialist centres for inside washing.
We sanitise and sterilise our tanks upon customer request.

The high professionalism of our suppliers enables us to issue EFTCO certification for washing.


This is normally performed at the loading company sites, but we do have the possibility to pressurise the tank with nitrogen or carbon dioxide at our site.

Goods depot

As well as a dock with an area set aside for the storage of empty pallets, for safely storing the goods loaded onto our vehicles we have a shelter designed to shield the sun’s rays, to ensure the product does not overheat.  Our site is fully covered by video surveillance 24/7 and we are equipped with a perimeter alarm system in association with a security firm, so as to protect our vehicles and your goods from all theft or tampering.


Back in 1996 we started equipping our vehicles with this technology, which means we can find out the exact location of our vehicles and our customers’ goods at all times. We can also send precise arrival or loading times to our customers in real time.
GPS acts as a strong deterrent against the theft of vehicles and transported goods, in full compliance with the law on privacy.


The HACCP guarantee

All our vehicles are carefully prepared to guarantee compliance with the strictest quality standard control systems and international certifications. Below you can find the files for requesting HACCP health authorisation and the related Manual.