Types of transport

Transport of liquid food products

Liquid food products are transported with articulated lorries or trailer trucks equipped with stainless steel tanks that have isothermal insulation. This enables us to transport goods in compliance with ATP guaranteeing a constant temperature and protecting the quality and safety of the product.
The company has always offered transport in compliance with the highest safety and efficiency standards, adhering to the agreed delivery times. Autotrasporti Marcon has also set up a servicing schedule for all the vehicles in its fleet, also planning their constant renewal.

Transporting sparkling wines

Our vehicle fleet includes 6 specific tankers for transporting sparkling wines. As well as guaranteeing a constant temperature, these tankers are designed to transport liquid food products that need to travel in environments saturated with nitrogen or carbon dioxide up to a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar.

Transporting beer

For ten years we have been transporting beer in tanks and we use our most modern vehicles that have isothermal and isobaric tanks to keep the product up to a pressure of 2.5 bar at constant temperature

Transporting loose food products in tanks or packaged according to ADR

Autotrasporti Marcon uses equipped vehicles that have ADR authorisation both for transporting liquid food products and general goods, which may or may not be loaded on pallets. The reputability and training of our drivers, who have the licences required by law, guarantee the success of transporting these particularly sensitive products.

Transporting palletised goods

Our company can transport your goods throughout Italy (including the islands) and all over Europe with weekly departures for Germany and France.